Empower Work With Spatial Computing
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Empower Work With Spatial Computing
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Solo Mode

Private Workspace

Hyperfocus for hours on end without any distractions!

Multiple Monitors

Spawn up to 5 virtual monitors from your computer into VR without any additional hardware!


With our fully mobile/wireless solution, you can take Immersed with you anywhere!


Remote Collaboration


Work in the same virtual room with 4+ people!

Multi Screen Sharing

Share as many screens as you'd like with others, no matter what computer you're using!

Remote Whiteboarding

Brainstorm ideas with your remote team!

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What Users Are Saying

First "productivity" app I'm hooked on
I've enjoyed messing around with Virtual Desktop and Bigscreen, but for actual working in VR, Immersed is the first one that I've spent over an hour in - repeatedly. It interacts smoothly and easily with my Windows PC and having 5 monitors (vertical orientation if you want too!) all around makes it seem like information is being mainlined to my face. It makes working feel novel and fun!
Real Estate Management with Immersed
Hey there! I've been using Immersed for the past week and it's been a game-changer for my productivity. The relaxing rooms and ambient music help me stay focused and I've been able to really dive into my work. It's been a great experience so far!
Arno Redant
I love it.
Due to a ski accident I am unavailable to sit at my desk for the next couple of months. Immersed let's me continue to work. It's crazy how good this works. I'm a video editor and there is basically zero lag. Also a full day of working without any headaches. The ui is good and the environments are enjoyable. I don't think I can ever go back to my desk lol
Great way to work on my Mac
I have a Mac for work and do a lot of work in Salesforce and in spreadsheets. This app makes working across 3 screens so much easier! I like the public spaces option though I was too afraid to work around other people today. Might try it another time. Using this on a Quest 2 which is a bit difficult since pass through leaves my keyboard unreadable but I am mostly able to type without looking. May end up upgrading to a Quest 3 (since the Quest 2 is borrowed and not mine!).
Best so far
This is the best and most fun way of mirroring your computer so far. I've tested the others and found technical glitches here and there and latency was bad, and some of them required your computer to be connected with an ethernet cable to your modem which was not convennenient for me with my laptop and I travel a lot - lots of stays in hotels so ethernet cable connection just wouldn't work anyway. But with this app I've had no problem so far. And you get 3 screens (free) or you can opt to buy 2 more screens. Some really nice enviroments to work in. Lots of functionality. It seems the company is very inventive and innovated. I am excited to see what they will bring out next. Highly recommended.
Really immersive and easy to setup
What a great product and really helped me to focus on my email while still getting team messages and listening to Spotify all while getting through my inbox after all my meetings for the day just wish I could get one more free screen included, but really a great product and love all the multiple environments.
Love it
having 3 giant curved screens is amazing, cool and comfortable environments, low latency, all that and with the ability to do that with coworkers or friends in that same vr place anywhere in the world, but the one gripe I have is my fault and thats that my pc doesnt have a powerful enough gpu to keep up with it
Tommy Roberto
The best immersion app so far
So far is the best option to work full immersed in VR. There are some minor issues but the app improves constantly. Not so useful to do networking, everyone seems interested in the experience itself but not so prone to communicating/meet other VR enthusiasts.
Bónis Tamás
Good extension
Very happy with the app, however there are some small glitches which I hope to get fixed soon. Overall it is great to work on 3-4 large displays, even okay for smaller but complex coding projects to read through the code. I love my virtual office in my virtual hill house way better than my actual study. :)
Oscar Torres
I have been waiting for more than a year to try Immersed. Finally, I had the opportunity to purchase the Quest 3, and I couldn´t be more impressed. The app is wonderful, even better than I expected, having 3 additional screens is something that I had only dreamed of. Overall, it's just wonderful!

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